Success Stories

The measurement of success in a coaching engagement is defined by you.   Being able to measure and celebrate success is one of the most critical stages in remapping your brain to change  (and it gives you an excuse to celebrate and who doesn't need that?)  Check out our amazing client success stories, let us know if you connect with any of these stories.


show me the money

Armed with killer coding skills, a great performance review and an increase in responsibility, Henry realizes he needs to have a conversation with Management about his compensation.

Henry's Story →

unstuck in the middle

Michael is a visionary who is stuck in middle management at a prestigious law firm.   He doesn't want to move up.  He wants to expand the definition of his role, but isn't sure how to do it.

Michael's Story →



Benjamin wants to expand his college teaching portfolio to include fiction and creative writing .  In order to accomplish that he needs to publish and to do that he needs to reconnect to his passion for writing.

Benjamin's Story →


An accomplished creative at a mid-life crossroad seeks focus and a career strategy that garners him artistically and financially creative opportunities.  With a broad range of experience and interest where does he start?

Jack's Story →