Teams and Groups

Team Coaching treats the group or team as a unit with a unique charter, specific goals and challenges.   The objective of team coaching is to broaden and expand the team’s capacity to work effectively with each other, making the best of individual and group strengths while aligning with organizational objectives.  Through the application of tools and assessments (individual and group) we identify team behaviors, gaps in perception and effectiveness, critical roadblocks and strengths.  Then, we work with the team together and individually to shift perceptions and create alignment and focus that increases effectiveness and achieves positive results.

areas of focus:


what's included:

  • Assessing team mission and organizational objectives
  • Identifying individual goals and challenges
  • Evaluating team effectiveness
  • Developing a team charter and defining key actions
  • Observing and enhancing group communication and interaction
  • Learning opportunities and methods
  • 3-6 Month Engagement

  • Team and Individual Assessment designed to highlight strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles.
  • A bi-weekly 90 minute team coaching session 
  • Individual 30 minute coaching sessions with team members 
  • Ongoing reinforcement of concepts and ideas through a virtual team forum
  • Homework assignments for team members
  • Sponsor check-ins
  • Email and phone support (available to all team members)

Coaching Skills Development

The ability to ask meaningful questions and actively listen to the answers is one of the most valuable skills a professional can have in the 21st Century.  More and more the challenge lies not in “knowing the answer” but in asking the right question. 

Increasingly organizations are looking to enhance the interpersonal and communication skills of their employees to create more meaningful and productive interactions between increasingly dispersed and diverse groups.  An employee with good coaching skills can help connect the dots between technical know-how, institutional knowledge and organizational need.  By learning how to ask the right questions and actively listen to the response, employees gain valuable insight and understanding, increasing productivity and overall efficiency. 

Our coaching skills engagement is designed to work with individuals or teams within an organization to assess strengths and areas for development and then build a custom coaching and learning plan. 

areas of focus

  • assessing current state vs. future state
  • interviewing stakeholders, peers, constituents and managements
  • identifying and prioritizing key organizational goals

  • developing a custom coaching and learning plan 
  • defining and modeling coaching skills
  • developing a self-sustaining model for independent growth
  • identifying individual challenges and building road map for success
  •  managing challenges, obstacles and stress effectively

What's included:

  • 3-6 Month Engagement
  • Team and individual 60-90 minute individual coaching sessions
  • Customized workshops and learning modules 
  • Assessments and/or Interviews
  • Tailored tools, exercises and workbooks
  • Identification of essential skills and road map to acquisition
  • Sponsor check-ins
  • Email and phone support
  • Resource and reading recommendations
  • 30-60-90 Day Follow-ups